{Japan: Point A to Point B} Airplane Food Review: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines food

The other day M told me that he heard from multiple people that Delta’s in-flight meals aren’t very good.  Since we are flying Delta on our upcoming trip to Japan this is a bit of a disappointment and I’m hoping our experience will be different.  On our last two trips to Japan we flew Singapore Airlines (Economy) and I was quite happy with our meals. 

The first time we flew on Singapore was back in 2008.  We were given two choices for lunch: International Selection (chicken) and the Japanese Selection (salmon).  Although I can’t remember for sure who had what, I’m fairly certain M had the salmon since he loves fish.

Singapore airlines meal

Even though I have no memory of these meals (let alone how they tasted), I did write down my thoughts in a travel journal.  I said that the salmon was actually a lot better than it looked and had a nice teriyaki glaze to it.  The rice was surprisingly not bad, it looked kinda old and clumped up but tasted just fine.  The highlight of this meal was the cold soba which M let me eat — I love cold noodles!

singapore airlines meal

My meal was chicken breast with mushroom sauce and buttered vegetables.  As with the salmon, it tasted better than it looked.  I was worried that the chicken breast would be really dry but it surpassed my expectations by being fairly tender.  The little salad and roll must not have been anything special since I didn’t jot down anything about either one.  I was actually dorky enough to comment on how much I liked the crackers and cheese.  I guess it must have been a long time since I ate crackers and cheese.  We both got ice cream for dessert but I neglected to take a picture of it.

There was a light meal included on this trip but for some reason I can’t find any pictures of it.  My journal tells me that it was a pork stroganoff and I let M eat mine as well as his own.  He is a big fan of stroganoff, I try and make it for him as often as I can.

We did fly Singapore on our way back to Los Angeles on that trip but, believe it or not, neither one of us ate any meals because we slept the entire way!  So sorry, but I don’t have any pictures of those meals!

On our last trip to Japan in 2012, we once again flew on Singapore.  I actually kind of remember those meals since they are only from last year.  But, as with the previous trip, I did take notes on my opinions of these meals.  On our flight to Japan, both M and I chose the buta kakuni (simmered pork) for our dinner.  Our other choice had apparently been cajun spiced chicken with tomato sauce.


The pork was really good, it tasted like it had been simmered in a light soy sauce.  The appetizer (in the upper left corner) included a good-sized shrimp and M gave me his (he doesn’t like shrimp).  As always, cold soba is a thumbs up in my book.


This time I have a picture of our light meal!  And oddly enough it was stroganoff again; although this time it was beef, not pork.  I wrote down that M ate my stroganoff but in exchange he did give me his mocha walnut cake.  I considered this a very fair trade-off, I love mocha cake!  I had written down that the cake reminded me of the ones they would serve in elementary school for lunch.  Believe it or not, that is a good thing, I always loved school lunches.

Now for our flight back to Los Angeles, I didn’t write down any notes.  I was most likely too tired from our trip and couldn’t muster up the energy to get my travel journal out of my backpack.  But here are the pictures.  I’m not sure if these are full meals or light meals or one of each.  It looks like the first one is salmon and the second one is a breaded chicken breast.

Singapore airlines meal

Singapore Airlines in-flight meal

Hope you enjoyed reading about Singapore’s in-flight meals on trips to and from Japan!