{Little League World Series} Japan Beats California 6-4 To Take the Title


It’s funny how fast time goes by.  It seems like just yesterday that I was screaming my head off when Huntington Beach, California won the Little League World Series title in 2011.  I live only 10 minutes away from HB so it was such a thrill to have a local team win.

And since then, there have been two more Little League World Series, both of which Japan has managed to take.  Last year they beat Tennessee and just today, they managed to defeat the Chula Vista, California team 6-4.  Although Japan was trailing in the 4th inning, 4-3, they managed to tie the game in the 5th with Shunpei Takagi’s solo homer.  The game was won when Ryusei Hirooka, hit a 2-run double later in the 5th.

I actually wasn’t able to watch the game like I planned to.  I stayed up really late last night rewatching Season 6 of Sex and the City (I’m talking the sun was up by the time I went to sleep) and by the time I got up this afternoon the game was over.  Still, maybe it was for the better.  It breaks my heart when I see the kids on the losing team crying afterwards.  And knowing that they were from my state would have just made it sadder.

But congratulations to Japan for winning their 9th Little League World Series!

Photo credit: ohad* / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND