Hello Japan! A Room With A View

Kochi, Shikoku

Hello, Kochi!

On our 2012 Japan trip, we were lucky enough to get some hotel rooms with wonderful views.  (This was all thanks to a great travel agent who got us upgraded rooms at standard prices.)  Trust me when I say a nice view can change your whole mindset, especially when you arrive at the hotel tired and cranky from your long bus/train/plane ride.  And also especially when your shoulders ache from your heavy backpack and you just want to fling your suitcases to the ground the second you get into the room.  But then you approach the window and take in the scene below and you almost instantaneously feel better.  In fact, you just want to throw open the window and yell out, “Hello [insert whatever city you’re visiting here]!!!”  And now instead of wanting to take a little nap or a soak in the tub, you’re anxious to get out and immerse yourself in the landscape and explore this city that you have been waiting weeks, months, or even years to visit.  Yes, that’s what a room with a view can do.


Hello Hiroshima! And hello, Hiroshima Castle! (yes, it’s there, off to the left, can you see it?)

Beppu bay

Hello Beppu and Beppu Bay!


Hello Nagoya!


Hello Osaka!

kumamoto castle

Hello Kumamoto and Kumamoto Castle! (yes, this one was my favorite!)