{Japan: Eat} Man Vs. Ramen @ Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum

Ramen musuem first picture

In a Nutshell:

  • Where: Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum, 10 minute walk from Shin-Yokohama Station
  • When: June 3, 2012
  • *Notes: Website, Admission is 300 JPY, 9 different ramen shops

Full Report:

Before our 2012 Japan trip, when we told people we were going to Yokohama they all asked the same question, “Are you going to the Ramen Museum?”  Well, of course we were!  Is there any other reason to go to Yokohama?  What I didn’t expect was on the morning of the day we were going, M announced that he would try and eat one bowl from each of the 9 ramen shops in the museum’s basement.  I can’t remember what my response to this was, maybe “Are you crazy?” or “Wow, good for you!” or maybe something in between like, “Well, it may be the only time we go, so you should try them all now.  But I hope you don’t get sick!”  I’m thinking most likely the last response because that was in line with the standard attitude we’d adopted as we’d traveled through Japan: “This may be our last time in Japan so we better do it this time or we’ll never get another chance!”

Upon entering the museum, we immediately made our way down to the basement where the 9 ramen restaurants were.  This wonderful “food court” is a replica of some streets and houses in Old Town Tokyo, circa 1958.







Ramen museum main picture

But on to the ramen.  Since M was bound and determined to try them all, we didn’t go to the restaurants in any particular order.  We had received a little pamphlet at the door giving a brief description of each restaurant’s ramen and which area of Japan it was from.  Ordering took place at vending machines by the door of each eatery.  I only ate 2 bowls of ramen, noodles always make me really, really full!  M managed to do 5 and had to stop.  He claimed it was not because he was full but that the ramen at the last place he went to (Taiho) tasted funny and ruined his appetite.  Here’s the ones he managed to finish:

1) Shinasobaya (Yokohama) —- Shoyu ramen

Shinasobaya store

Shinasobaya Ramen

2) Nidaimegenkotsuya (Tokyo) — Shio Ramen

Nidaime Genkotsuya Store

Nidaime Genkotsuya ramen

3) Ganjya (Saitama) —- Tonkotsu Shoyu Tsukemen

Ganjaya Store

Ganjaya ramen

4) Toride (Tokyo) —- Tonkotsu Ramen

Toride store

Toride Ramen

5) Taiho (Kurume) —- Tonkotsu Ramen

Taiho store

Taiho ramen