A Night Market a Little Closer to Home

626 night market

This last weekend, I went to a Night Market.  Now, when you think of Night Markets you probably picture them taking place somewhere in Asia, like maybe Taiwan or Hong Kong or Singapore.  But this one was 45 minutes away from where I live in a little city called Arcadia, right outside of Los Angeles, California.  Called 626 Night Market because of its area code designation, this event was held for a few weekends during this last summer.  So, do you want to see how Southern California does a Night Market?  Read on.

We showed up to the Night Market at close to midnight (it was closing at 1 AM).  It was fairly crowded but, since it was so late, a lot of people had already gone home.  The first area we walked into was crammed with food trucks selling all kinds of different foods, most of it Asian.  I’ve eaten at a good number of food trucks over the past couple of years but I’d never even heard of the majority of these.







The Lobsta Truck —- this is my favorite food truck of all time! They make lobster rolls just dripping in butter, yummmmmmmm!

A little past the food truck area, were a number of vendors hawking their wares:




At this point, we hadn’t yet spent a penny on anything.  I should mention that we had come to the Night Market straight from a Labor Day BBQ and we were still pretty full.  In the food truck area, M had debated getting something from the Grilled Cheese truck but he knew he wouldn’t be able to finish it.  As we came upon the main part of the Night Market, the food stall area, I could smell all kinds of good food cooking.  I thought maybe I could get just one thing……







Those pictures don’t even show 5% of all the food stalls at the Night Market.  There were so many of them.  But there wasn’t anything in particular that stood out and said “EAT ME”.  Just when I thought I was going to leave without having consumed a thing, what did I spy with my little eye?


There were pictures of egg waffles hanging from this particular booth!  Now you should know that before doing research for my upcoming trip to Hong Kong I had never heard of an egg waffle in my life.  But once I learned of their deliciousness, I had it marked down on my itinerary as a MUST-EAT.  I debated whether I should wait until Hong Kong to try my first egg waffle and indulge in the real deal.  It took me all of a nanosecond to make up my mind.  Within minutes I had my very first egg waffle in my hot little hands!  I pulled off one of the “eggs” and popped it into my mouth.  It was so good!  Just the right amount of sweetness, crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.  I’m telling you, I just gobbled that thing up.  Now I’m more excited than ever for my trip to Hong Kong to get underway!